Our Food

Bone Daddy's: The Other Reason You're Here

YES... KILLER SMOKEHOUSE BBQ AND COLD BEER. And what's better than looking at a bunch of menus online? How 'bout ordering up something? Well guess what - if you want to haul off some BBQ or have it brought to you, you can do that here!

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Daddy's BBQ is rubbed, mopped and pit-smoked over genuine hickory.

Juke Joint Sliced Brisket Sweet Maple Glazed Ham Smokin' Pulled Pork Jammin' Backyard Chicken Juicy "Bone-In" Chicken Earl's "hot" Link Sausage Peppered Turkey Breast Tender Chopped Brisket Messy Grilled Wings
Ways to Order
Sandwich Basket

With Beans and Fries


With Two Cheap Sides

Family Style
Cheap Sides

Serving....2.49    Bowl....8.79 (Feeds 4-5)

Skillet Head Beans

Creamy D'Lux Cole Slaw

Roadhouse Cheese Spuds

Mustard Potato Salad

Classic Mac'n Cheese

Southern Fried Okra

No-Frills online Menu


Something to do while your meat smokes. Beats sharing your feelings.


Bold Flavors. Real Portions.
Un-Embarrassing. Forkable.

"D'Lux" Sandwiches

All Daddy's Sandwiches come with french fries and skillet head beans.

Rib Joint

Add ribs to any bbq platter for extra $$

House Specials

Fried Eats

Eat Healthy Tomorrow.

Download the Menu PDF