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It’s Friday, so of course the weather gods decided to schedule a torrential downpour here in Seattle to really start our long weekend on the right note. But I’m already looking ahead to Monday (and praying for sunshine), when my boyfriend and I will be hosting our very first summer BBQ in honor of Memorial Day!

Everyone is a different type of party host. My weakness is that I get so excited by all the options for recipes, drinks, and décor that I end up taking on too much and burning myself out before anyone even arrives. So for this party, I’m making a conscious effort to scale back with recipes that are delicious but simple to execute, drinks that can be made in big, easy batches, and creating a fun atmosphere with smaller projects that make the biggest impact. After all, the first BBQ of the season should really be about enjoying great people, good food, and (weather gods permitting) plenty of sunshine.

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